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Higgins & Burke Tea RealCups,(48 K-Cups), Various Flavors - RokBuy - Food - Orange Pekoe - 1

Higgins & Burke Tea RealCups,(48 K-Cups), Various Flavors

$ 39.65

  • 48 count box
  • Convenient single-serve containers
  • Compatible with Keurig single serve brewers
  • Eliminates waste with one cup brew
  • Gluten and fat free
  • Chai tea is both inspirational and intoxicating. This blend originated in India. Traditional Indian Masala Chai spices are blended with choice black tea to create a complex flavor that is as exciting as India itself.
  • Green Tea is an imperial blend of premium Sencha, Japanese green tea made without grinding the leaves, that has refreshing and revitalizing qualities. This green tea has slight hints of lemon in the taste.
  • Peppermint Tea is bursting with cool peppermint flavor! This is a caffeine-free blend that has a stimulating and invigorating taste all its own.
  • Breakfast Tea brimming with the great full-bodied blended flavors of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas. Mild, smooth, and aromatic.
  • Earl Grey tea has a unique flavor and aroma that come from adding oil drawn from bergamot orange rinds.
  • Orange Pekoe tea will raise your spirits with its delightful aroma and brisk flavor. Drink it hot or ice it down for some of the best iced tea you'll ever have!

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